The best way to Upgrade your Xbox 360 Slim 4GB Hard Drive In five Easy Steps

Published: 27th January 2012
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The best way to Upgrade your Xbox 360 Slim 4GB Hard Drive In five Easy Steps

Just about anything that would be worthy of doing will require more than just a single step to complete. Most worthwhile projects take time, demand a good number of actions as well as consistent effort. You should prepare yourself very well, get a clear mental picture of the required steps, then stick to your plan. Whichever task or project you have chosen, don't expect to find exceptions to those requirements.

Almost any task could be tackled successfully, if you just divide it into clear steps.

This is how to succeed at your goal to upgrade your xbox 360 slim 4gb hard drive simply by following 5 simple steps:

Step 1. Purchase an Official Microsoft Slim Hard Drive. This is of crucial importance because it will help save plenty of headaches in the future. It'll be really important that you seriously consider this because purchasing an official upgrade is not only recommended by the manufacturer, but it ensures compatibility with your Xbox slim console.

Step 2. Select the correct hard drive capacity for your needs. This is often a critical step, so lend it your entire attention. For top results, here's what you ought to search for: Determine your critical needs for the system. Will you just be using the hard drive for game saves, or are you an avid movie enthusiast. Hard Drives are available in 20, 60, 120, 250 and 320 GB sizes.. There are specific reasons this really is important The main one is if you choose the correct capacity now, you will not have to upgrade your drive again in the future. Try to anticipate your needs. Large video downloads require a lot more space than standard game saves..

Step 3. Once you have selected and purchased a hard drive it's time to install it. Locate the hard drive cover on the side of your Xbox slim. Be sure to find the release button associated with the cover. You do this so you can properly remove the cover and not use force to damage your Xbox. Another reason is to remove the newly purchased drive from its packaging, so it is ready to install..

Step 4. Insert the new drive in to the hard disk drive bay. To flesh that out a bit, Place the hard drive with the capacity tag facing out. Gently slide the drive in place and feel the solid connection..

Step 5. Reinstall the hard drive cover you removed in Step 3 and power the system on.. Moreover, check to make sure the Xbox recognizes the hard drive. Use the menu to navigate to system settings and look under storage. You should see your new drive, and be asked to format the drive for use with the xbox slim..

Finally, assuming you have observed the above mentioned suggestions closely, you can overcome the difficulties and obtain your aim, together with the rewards and the fruits that implies! Then you can congratulate yourself, stand tall, hold your head high and grow pleased with your accomplishment. It is your victory to savor, and your opportunity to elevate the bar for other people to try to follow! Now enjoy your achievement!

If you got off track and failed to follow along with the above advice, ah well... it's possible you did not genuinely wish to be successful anyhow...

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